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Fun Tag

A great game of laser tag starts with great gear.  Fun Tag is designed around younger players.  Lighter weight equipment, simple game rules and non-stop fun.


The Razorback is a light, maneuverable tagger, weighing less than 3 lbs fully loaded.  This tagger is great for close quarters situations where your opponents could be lurking around any corner.  All our taggers now feature Radio Frequency (RF) capabilities, which means taggers can communicate with each other from over 600 feet away.  After the game, all players can now view their game score, featuring number of shots taken, kills, deaths, and which team had the highest kill score for the game.  This is similar to video games like Call of Duty, and brings a new element of excitement to the game.

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Utility Box

Bermuda laser tag

The Utility Box is a great addition to your game.  It can be used to give extra health points, additional ammo or respawn downed players.  RF functionality allows games to be started remotely.

Two-Way Radios

Bermuda laser tag

We offer long-range two-way radios for use by players 13 and older. These will give players the ability to co-ordinate their efforts when in larger playing areas.  Two radios per team.

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