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Battle Tag

A great game of laser tag starts with great gear.  Battle Tag is designed around younger players, but provides lots of fun for all ages.  In addition, the BRP allows players to connect to the tagger with their phone via Bluetooth using the Callsign app.  You can download and install the Callsign app to your Android or i-Phone using the links below:

Android -

i-Phone -

Battle Rifle Pro


The Battle Rifle Pro is a light, maneuverable tagger, weighing less than 3 lbs fully loaded.  The BRP now features wireless headsets!  This tagger is great for close quarters situations where your opponents could be lurking around any corner.  All our taggers now feature Radio Frequency (RF) capabilities, which means taggers can communicate with each other from over 600 feet away.  After the game, the operator will display the scores on a tablet screen, or the players can view their score on their phones via the Callsign app.  This is similar to video games like Call of Duty, and brings a new element of excitement to the game.

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RGB Head Sensors


It took some time, but we've finally got them.  All our head sensors are now wireless!  In addition, they now also flash the team color when hit so you can easily identify who you are shooting at.  Lightweight and easy to wear, these head sensors will make gaming alot more fun.

Utility Box


The Utility Box is a great addition to your game.  It can be used to give extra health points, additional ammo or respawn downed players.  RF functionality allows games to be started remotely.

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