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 Rate Schedule

Group Party Event:

​We can come to your property, or alternatively we can suggest a location for the event.  Battle Tag participants must be 7 years or older.  All players MUST be able to follow Operator commands.

Battle Tag Rates

• 2 Hour Game Session
• Equipment for up to 14 players

• Experienced Game Operator

Additional Players - $25 each (22 Players max)

Additional Time (per hour) - $150


Island Parties:  If you wish to host your party on an island, the cost is an additional $150 which covers the added time and setup for such events. As the customer, you will be responsible for arranging the venue and we will require timely transport from the dock to the island and back.



We accept cash  or direct deposit only.  Payment is due prior to the start of play.  If you wish additional time, please let us know in advance in case we have another event planned after yours.


There is a 50% deposit to hold an event date.  This deposit is non-refundable if the event is cancelled or postponed by the customer less than 5 days before the originally agreed date.

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