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Frequently Asked Questions




Is Laser Tag Safe?

Absolutely.  Laser tag, unlike paintball, does not employ projectiles of any kind.  The taggers emit only harmless infrared signals like those in your TV remote.  There is no pain, no need for goggles, no mess.  Plus, its environmentally friendly because there are no paintballs left lying around after the game.  


Just in case there are any bumps or bruises from running up and down, our operators always have a first aid kit handy.


Who can play Laser Tag?

Anyone can play.  We only require that the participants be at least 7 years old and able to follow the instructions provided by the operator.  If any participants require constant adult supervision, please advise us and be prepared to stick close by them during the event.


Do I need to wear or bring anything special?

We require all participants wear the following:


  • Shoes, sneakers or boots (please do not wear sandals, flip flops or open toed shoes)

  • A bandana or headband to keep sweat off the head sensors


There's no need to wear camouflage but it adds to the fun.  If you are planning on crawling along rough terrain, please consider long pants and long sleeved shirts.


What equipment do you provide?

The cost of an event includes use of the below equipment for each of up to 14 participants:


  • Tagger

  • Head Sensor and clean sweatband

  • 2-way radios (2 radios per team, adults only)

  • Utility Box (ammo, medic, respawn)


We do not use sensor vests at this time, as they can be cumbersome, hot, and difficult to size for children.


What happens if there is inclement weather?

In the event of rain, thunderstorm or other acts of nature beyond our control, we will assess the situation with our guest.  Mild sprinkling should not prevent play, but we will not hold any events under the following conditions:


  • light to heavy rain

  • gale force winds

  • thunderstorms


If the event has to be canceled prior to start, we will do our best to re-schedule you at our next available day.  If the event has to stop after more than 1.25 hours, there is no refund for the remaining time.


Please note also that for saftey reasons we stop kids games about a half hour before sundown.  This is to reduce accidents that might occur due to lower visibility, and to ensure all young players are with their guardians before it gets too dark.


I want to host an event at my house.  How much space is needed?

Laser tag can be played in a variety of areas, but the best games of course have plenty of room to move about in.  Please let us know if you wish to have the event at your home or other specific location, and if we are not familiar with it, we will come out and have a look.  If the space is too small or inappropriate, we will be happy to suggest a suitable location for your event.


If the event is held away from my home, can I bring food/drink?

If your event is to be held in one of our public parks, it is very important we keep the parks clean.  To maintain the beauty of our parks, and also to ensure the equipment is not damaged, please do not bring food into the park area while the laser tag event is being played.  If you wish to bring drinks (players can get very thirsty), please be sure to also bring a large trash bag in which to place used cups, empty bottles etc.  We wish to ensure that the parks are as beautiful when we leave as when we arrived.


What is your payment policy?

At this time, we accept cash only or direct deposit to our account.  Please, no personal cheques or credit cards.  There is a 50% deposit to hold an event date.  This deposit is non-refundable if the event is cancelled or postponed by the customer less than 5 days before the agreed event date.  Payment is due prior to the start of play.  If you wish additional play time, please let us know in advance in case we have another event planned after yours.


What if someone breaks or damages the equipment?

Our equipment is built to last a long time.  However, per our customer agreement which all event hosts must sign, you will be charged for any damages done to our property.

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