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Our Wargames series is designed for more advanced players.  Featuring realistic looking equipment, mission based scenarios and a higher level of complexity, this mode provides a more intense experience.



The primary weapon in the Wargames arsenal is the ARP-556.  Based on the M4 platform, this tagger is designed for CQB missions.  Well-balanced and comfortable to operate, the ARP-556 has a range of 700 feet, and is equipped with a red-dot sight and sling.



A slightly lighter tagger than the ARP-556, but no less capable, the AK-12LT is based on the AK platform.  Capable of hitting targets up to 700 feet away, this tagger is easy to use, and is also equipped with a red-dot sight and sling.

RGB Head Sensors


It took some time, but we've finally got them.  All our head sensors are now wireless!  In addition, they now also flash the team color when hit so you can easily identify who you are shooting at.  Lightweight and easy to wear, these head sensors will make gaming alot more fun.

Battle Base

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The Battle Base is an easy to use utility device that provides a respawn point for players, and can also be used as a defense point.

Control Point


The Control Point is used for games such as King of the Hill and Siege.  Both games are very intense, and require players to co-operate to achieve the win.

Claymore Mine prop - coming soon


Very useful for denying the enemy team access to an area, for example during Capture the Flag or Siege missions.

Briefcase Bomb prop - coming soon


This cool device is used for the game Bomb Squad, where one team has to place and arm the device, and the opposing team's job is to prevent deployment or disarm the device.

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